New Products


Alien Fountain

A glowing alien head emits a variety of effects. An out of this world fountain!

Pyro Cola

Caffeine charged fountain with plenty of bubbly crackle.



Nothing gets held back with this explosive eruption of red and blue stars with fringy flower, colorful showers stars with crackling, crackling chrysanthemum, and more!


Neon Nights

Five different fountains. Each starts with red and green glitter with chrysanthemums and gold wheat heads; then to red, or green, or blue, or purple, or yellow stars.


Snow Cone Jr.

Our most popular fountain has been miniaturized and is now available in a variety pack with a better price point. Great packaging and a great value! A Spirit of 76 exclusive item.


Super Cone

Super #8 cone assortment with great cone performance and great labels. Big cone appeal with a price to match.


Fire Breathing Dragon

Intense red flame, followed by blue smoke and cracking from tail


Ice Birds

Gives you the shivers as Ice Bird spins and shakes with multicolored pearls, silver chrysanthemums, silver showers and whistles.


Snake Pit

A new twist of the black snake. After an intense red flash, snakes slither out from the middle. An instant classic!


Spins on the ground with colors and then jumps into the air.

The Mighty Dragon

Moves around and then backward in a circle.




Sixteen high performance shots with brocade crown tails to red, green and sky blue strobe and brocade crown with green strobe purple, blue, yellow, green and crackle. Colorful!il


Dandy Daddy

Whistling tail to silver strobes to crackling tail with large crackles, falling color leaves into beautiful crackling willows!


Demolition Mayhem

Brocade Crown with Blue Star. Red Palm with Green Palm. Silver chrysanthemum with Crackle.


Frank the Enforcer

Red tail rising up to red green purple coconuts and white strobe. 3 shot finale.


Gun Slinger

One fist of iron the other of steel, if this one doesn't get you then none other will. Powerful color dahlias and coco breaks erupt into a 3 shot finale!



Alternating red crackling comets, green crackling comets and gold crackling comets, then red tails to red bouquets, green tails to green bouquets and gold tails to crackling.


Hillbilly Lunatic

8 shots of brocade crown tail to brocade crown with pearls and white strobe.


Hit the Road Jack

49 shots of red tails to bouquets, silver tails to bouquets, blue tails to blue stars, green tails to red, blue and silver glitter, gold tails to brocade, purple tails to delayed crackling and whistling tails to crackling bouquets.



Four silver and red mines blast into the sky then a powerful girandola jets into the night with a crackle finale. Incredible!

Rogue Warrior

Get ready for a sky-filling show! With three layers of effects, this is one of the most unique performances you will ever see. Crackling mines with blue tails end their flight with brocade crowns with red, green and white strobe. Spectacular!

Sleeping with the Fishes

Crackling whistles; blue stars with silver fish; crackling comet tails, 3 shot blast of brocade and green strobe and red green with crackle.



Red star and white glitter, lemon star and purple glitter, green star and gold glitter, red star and green star, delay crackle


Strait Jacket

Yellow, pink and white glittering; Blue star, crystal gold glittering; Lemon, purple and green glittering; Crackling green star and red glittering.



Big Brutus

If you like it big the Big Brutus is where it's at! A dream selection of 24 assorted affects including neon and multi-color breaks. Big Brutus is America's new leader in 60 gram canister shell effects!



A super-sized canister shell with a higher lift and bigger bang. And because it's Grand Patriot, the colors and effects are second to none!

Saw'd Off Shotgun

Assorted High Quality Canister shells.



Double Dealing

Double break for palm tree, crackling flower and brocade! Everyone likes double value for bucks!


Jellyfish Aquarium

Giant red, blue, and lemon jellyfish! Each break is a colorful half peony with a horsetail. A unique new effect!

Mother of all Bombs

Nine shots of the mother of all fireworks effects - Nishiki Kamuro. Each of these towering breaks crumble into long-lingering gold strands with a color pistil.


Roman Candles

Ego Maniac

A rip roaring crackle tail to crackle break. Incredible.


Neon Sparklers 20'"

Bright neon effects will add some color to your night!