Neon Nights

1. Red palm with green strobes; 2. Yellow palm with gold strobes.; 3. Gold palm with crackling.


Black Box Artillery

The original Black Box artillery shell with 6 pieces of 1 3/4" shells each with a different effect.

Black Widow

60 gram huge canister shells.


Crackling Artillery

Crackling artillery shells are a fireworks staple due to their incredible performance for the money.  Now they are better than ever, packed into a slick box with a bald eagle on the front.


These max load canister shells by Black Cat Fireworks will send the devil back where he belongs.  Diablo is legally loud, with humongous breaks--so loaded, they're almost illegal.



Brocade crowns to red, green, blue, white glitter and crackling.



12 venemous bites of 60 gram canister artillery shells that will leave you looking for a doctor.


Max'd Out

WORLD FAMOUS MAX'D OUT!  18 Different effects in these 60 gram monster canisters.


Whistling Artillery

Six different premier effects with silver & whistle tail. Each box contains 12 canister shells, 24 peanut shells & one 36 cm tube.

Night Walker

12 double break ball shells and 12 60 gram canister shells of assorted Japanese style shells.