How To Play

If you've played our geo-cache game before, Welcome Back! If you're new to this, here's a rundown of how it works:

Each day we will announce our Geo-Cache Prize and a set of coordinates.

Copy/paste those coordinates into your favorite map app, and off you go!

The winning ticket will be within 50 feet of the coordinates posted (that means somewhere within a 100 feet circle measuring out 50 feet from the published coordinates).

Capsules may be hidden out of easy sight or in sight of passers by, but:

  • You will NOT have to enter, or cross, private property to find it. These are all public accessible places and handicap accessible.
  • You will NOT have to dig to find it.
  • You will NOT have to destroy property to find it.
  • You will NOT have to reach places that you cannot see to find it. (This is snake country, be smart!)

Remember to be considerate and play fair.

Once you find the capsule, respond to that day's Geo-Cache Facebook post with a picture of you with capsule where you found it. Keep the capsule with you and return it to the Dairy Farm Fireworks Tent in West Fork to collect your prize(s).

Thank you for playing, we may actually enjoy this more than those playing it. I don't know... it's a toss up.